Large Liver French 1500x1500We only use 100% AAA Canadian beef sourced from Canadian meat processing plants.

Buster's is well-known name in Veterinary Clinics throughout BC and outlying areas.  Veterinarians use our product as a natural treat in their exam rooms. Dogs love it so much it gives the Veterinarian and the dog a good rapport with each other. They feel good about offering an all natural, healthy treat to their patients. Dogs literally arrive at the vets wagging their tail, as a dog never forgets where he/she gets their favorite treat from.

Dehydration takes time and electricity – which cost money.   Since treats are sold by net weight, massive commercial manufacturers want to keep the moisture content high so they can sell you the weight in water. However they then have to toss in chemical preservatives to keep the treats from spoiling. At Busters we don't spare the expense.  Our liver is 100% liver, dehydrated to perfection taking the time and expense to ensure no spoiling or mold  stored in a dry, airtight, sunshine free environment.


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