Benefits of Daily Walks With Your Dog!

Daily walks provide an incredible amount of benefits to yourself and your dog. It improves the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of both you and your dog! Daily walks will improve both of your lives significantly, and especially because it's a shared activity for both of you! In this article we discuss the benefits of these daily walks.

First, I'll go over some of the benefits daily walks have on physical health. Walking is extremely important for humans and dogs; it can improve digestion, cardio (blood pressure & heart), strength, flexibility, and stamina. Improved digestion is one of the most important benefits from walking because inactivity can lead to constipation in both humans and dogs.

The heart is a muscle, and muscles grow stronger through exercise. Walking causes our blood to pump harder - which is the heart muscle working! Having a strong heart is important for overall health. Having a weak heart can lead to a lot of issues, so it's in your best interest to keep yourself and your dog healthy. By taking regular walks you can strengthen your bodies, which will allow for more fun and rigorous activities.

Along with the heart muscle, other muscles will enjoy regular walks as well! Humans can enjoy benefits to their feet, legs, glutes, back, and abdominal muscles from just walking! Dogs will see benefits to their entire body from walking - WOW! Strength and flexibility are key for daily life, especially for our furry four-legged friends, especially as we grow older.

Photo by Nikolay Tchaouchev on Unsplash

In regards to mental health, walking is a great exercise. It will reduce stress for both of you. Dogs experience stress as well, and walking is one of (if not the best) way for them to reduce stress and feel better. On top of the benefits you’ll actually receive from walking, you’ll also feel better after taking good care of your dog by taking them on a walk. Dogs remember and appreciate the love and adventure on a walk. If you’ve taken your dog for a walk before, you’ll know how excited they get when they see you preparing for a walk with them! For me, my dog will get excited if she sees me put on certain shoes or pants that I normally wear for a walk with her.

Similar to mental health, daily walks can help manage emotional times. If you or your dog are feeling down, sad, or even lethargic - a walk can help. The fresh air, sights, and sounds help to take the edge off a bad day. You probably won’t come home feeling like a new person with no problems, but it will help you get a fresh perspective and feel better in general. Doing these daily will consistently help you feel better! Eventually, you may find yourself wanting the walks just as badly as your furry friend!

The best part of all of this is the bonding experience with your dog. The benefits of daily walks for humans are numerous and proven, but the benefits for your dog are even better. Do yourself and your dog a favor and take them out on some adventures, they’ll love and appreciate you more than you can imagine. Dogs are our best friends, but it’s up to us to be their best friend too.

Happy walking!