Buster’s Tasty Treats is a Canadian owned business located in Prince George, BC.


Started by our Mother as a home based business in 2001. Her products are all popular particularly the dehydrated beef liver. The liver came to be so notorious that my Brother and I thought it a good idea to expand this home based business with our Mom.

Mom started with a simple idea wanting a treat that was a healthy choice for her dogs. Beef liver came to her mind. Off she went to the local retailer to purchase the liver, bought herself a small dehydrator, sharpened her knife and from there it grew.

Dogs go crazy for the liver and word was getting out. Mom could hardly keep up working round the clock, she was 70 at the time she is currently, well I shouldn't say you do the math :) however she is still going strong. Every now and then she considers giving up her 10 pin bowling on Wednesday mornings however we won't let her.

My brother and I contemplated expanding the business with Mom. In March 2016 we decided to take the leap. We have now been in business since April 2016 and have dedicated customers and retailers.

Mom named the business after her beloved Shetland Sheepdog. Buster sadly passed away in 2008. In his memory we make high quality all natural healthy tasty treats for your pets.
The liver used in the production of our treats is hand inspected by us a second time. We trim off fat from the liver if necessary. This is discarded and it is not ground up for other uses. After inspection, each liver is sliced to exacting specification, ensuring our product is consistent in size, weight and thickness from batch to batch.

The benefit of dehydrating foods is that it is not a cooking process- no high-heat appliances are used. With a long period of time, the nutritional value doesn’t really change. Where you’ll see the difference is pound-for-pound; dehydrating removes 97.5% of moisture and makes the nutrients compact, so a pound of dehydrated liver would be higher in all levels (nutrient levels, as well as calories) than a pound of fresh liver. This is why we need to ensure we are not overfeeding liver treats! Since all the moisture has been removed, there is virtually no worry of the treats developing a mold or bacteria problem, provided it is stored in a sealed container, away from sunlight and moisture.

Voilà a nice tasty treat!


At Buster's we only source the highest quality government inspected beef liver regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and adhere to the highest integrity and investment into food safety, quality and animal health and well-being. We strive to establish and respect regulations for the good of us all. Safe quality beef is part of our Canadian culture.

We choose to use only Government-inspected beef liver from top quality Canadian farms. We don't skimp on quality and premium beef so that you know exactly what you are giving to your dog!

Our liver is all natural, no preservatives, no additives or fillers, simply beef liver. We provide a healthy, chemical free treat for your pet.



A very important thing to consider before using treats during training is which treats you should use to get the best responses from your dog. Buster's is that treat!

Liver is an excellent all-around treat- great for puppies, training, and a special snack. Being a single-ingredient treat, liver is well-tolerated by almost every dog. Treats can be one of the best ways to positively reinforce your dogs attentiveness and behavior. Some dogs are praise motivated, others are food motivated. Be sure to use stimulating verbal praise so you dog does not become conditioned to behaving only when given treats. A food motivated dog is very easy to train when the treats taste as good as Busters!

As with any treat, be sure to feed in moderation.

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