Our puppy Bubbles Is absolutely wild about the liver treats she jumps and dances like a circus performer when she sees the bag.

image004This is Bambie. She is a very sweet dog at the Jolly Rogers Bar and Grill in the Dominican Republic. My brother met this dog,  He said he would send some Buster’s to the fussy pooch. She will be the first dog in the Dominican Republic to enjoy Busters tasty treats. What a lucky dog !

From Patty in the Dominican - I received the tasty treats last week in the mail. Thank you for sending them. I told you that Bambi is a fussy dog and will not eat any commercial treats BUT to my surprise she loves the treats (she does love liver) and I will admit you were right. It was so kind of you to send them to us in the Dominican Republic.  – Patty Lacey

We have been using Buster’s Tasty Treats in clinic for approximately 3 years. Most of our patients love them and we have lots of happy dogs come through the doors who anticipate their liver treat during their visit! We always receive a courtesy call before we run out of treats and the staff at Buster’s Tasty Treats are prompt to keep our shelves stocked. The consistency of the treats and the simplicity of ingredient is very important to us. The only ingredient in Buster’s is liver,  sourced within BC, this gives us great confidence in quality and sustainability! We highly recommend Buster’s Tasty Treats!

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