At Buster's we only source the highest quality government inspected beef liver regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and adhere to the highest integrity and investment into food safety, quality and animal health and well-being. We strive to establish and respect regulations for the good of us all. Safe quality beef is part of our Canadian culture.

Our liver is all natural, no preservatives, no additives or fillers, simply beef liver. We provide a healthy, chemical free treat for your pet.

Our Vision

  •   - A shift from highly manufactured and processed meats to healthy, all natural and chemical free treats for your pet.
  •   - Providing education to pet owners on the dangers of "contracted out" production of your treats.
  •   - Dispel the myths of raw food treats and food for your pet.

There are millions of pet owners around the world who only want the best for their furry friends.  For you and I as pet owners, we view our furry friends as a part of the family and believe in a healthy life for them, Just as we do our own human friends and family. Each month we are hearing more and more stories on how contaminated foods and snacks are harming our pets and we are doing our part in providing a healthy and chemical free alternative to highly processed materials commonly found in the treats available today.


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